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  • Metallic ingredients Analysis machine.

  • X-RAY

  • Metallurgical Microscope/
    Hardness Tester

  • Profile Measuring Machine

  • 3D measuring machine 1

  • 3D measuring machine 2

  • UTM

  • CT

  • CT

Measurement equipment status
Measurement equipment status
division specification Explanation logarithm
Component analysis of Al, Zn Analysis of aluminum and zinc components The only die casting manufacturer in Gwangju and Jeollanam-do 1 unit
3D measuring machine 500 x 500 x 400mm Measuring equipment for precision parts such as automobiles 2 unit
X-RAY, CT Approx 2.5 to 30mm sq Porosity measurement equipment for precision parts such as automobiles 2 unit
UTM DYM-300, Measuring range 400mm Tensile, compression, and bending tests of products, etc. 1 unit
surface shape measurement CV-3100, X 100mm, Z 30mm Measuring the surface shape of a product 1 unit
metal structure analysis 50 ~ 500multiply For organizational analysis of products 1 unit
stereo microscope 6.7multiply ~ 45multiply Checking of cracks, pores, micro-defects, etc. 1 unit
infrared ray thermometer -32 ~ 760℃ For melting temperature and mold temperature measurement 3 unit
Dust meter 300cc Determination of micro-contaminants in rotors and cylinder heads 1 unit
Compressometer Brinell hardness tester Hardness measurement of various non-ferrous metals 1 unit
Roughnessmeter Metal surface roughness measurement Measuring the smoothness of the surface of home appliances and automobile products 1 unit
MOUNTING PRESS 0 ~ 150 kgf/㎤ For making test pieces 1 unit