GR Chem considers the environment and the future

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Philosophy & Vision
the motto of a company(社訓)
Honesty(正直) · Justice(正義) · Honor(恭敬)
  • A proud welfare workplace.
  • A wonderful life together.
  • As a community(Customer/G-Alchemy/Cooperative company), we grow together.
Core Value
  • The best quality.
  • Challenge & Passion
  • Organizational harmony
business vision
Aluminum (Al) die casting market continues to grow
Aluminum (Al) Material Features
  • Robust and lightweight (⅓ of iron)
  • Reflects more than 90% of energy such as infrared
  • Non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly
  • Self-renewing due to low melting point
  • Widely applied to all industries as an eco-friendly representative material
market environment
  • Strengthening environmental regulations
  • Automobile Lightweight War Accelerates
  • Expulsion of harmful substances to the human body (plating, injection, etc.)
  • Moved the purchasing line with Korean technology verification
    (North America, Europe, Japan → Korean SMEs)
  • Only companies with quality technology survive
good customer
  • Hanon Systems (Hyundai/Kia, Ford, etc. - Car air conditioner compressor)
  • LG Electronics Home Appliances (Dryer motor cover, refrigerator compressor, vacuum cleaner fan motor, etc.)
  • Hyundai Transys (Hyundai/Kia, etc. - Car transmission/reducer case, bracket, etc.)
  • Gyeyang Electric (Domestic and foreign motor covers, etc.)
  • DTR (Global automobile engine bracket)
Aluminum (Al) die casting company = Top quality by technology = Specialized in functional parts
Passion and professional technology convergence manpower, technology research center operation, new product development ability, best quality system, production competitiveness